Voilaaa – Spies Are Watching Me (Feat. Sir Jean) [France]

An absolutely beastly tune by Voilaaa on Favorite Recordings. A blissfuly funky rendition of The Police’s Every Breath You Take, this one does the business every time. Think wakah-chikah guitars, sultry backing vocals and heavy trumpet action. The saxophone solo in the middle is absolute class as well.

Favorite Recordings have just released an EP with a remix of this by Africaine 808, as well as Voilaaa’s On te l’avait dit, remixed by none other Dimitri From Paris. Check it out:

Loui$ – Pink Footpath [Italy]

Pink Footpath is an Italo-disco masterpiece produced by Loui$ in 1985. It’s pretty much the instrumental version of it’s A-Side, Magic Dance and has that whole futuristic, spacey vibe going on with those dreamy, delayed synth leads and catchy guitar noodling. Don’t even get us started on the bassline – it’s so funkin’ funky it hurts. After you listen to this once, you’re going to want to listen to it again and again and again! So soulful, so bellissimo!