Aroop Roy – A Gira [UK]

We’re big fans of Aroop Roy here at Pangaea Disco. We’ve had a little dig into his back catalogue to present you this gem. The only way to describe A Gira is a Brazillian disco samba chuggger. Slightly slower but retaining all the carnival vibes of South America. Angelic vocals go round and round infiltrating your very consciousness. This is all accompanied by dubby yet luscious synths, backed by the chunky, plodding drums that keep the energy going throughout the track. Makes you want to escape the mild English weather and be on a beach in Rio.

Pangaea Disco Easter Boogie 2017

Who’s still got withdrawal symptoms from the Pangaea Disco Easter Boogie?

Here’s a little throwback from the party last month at Brixton Jamm so you can relive the funk-filled madness:

So the night kicked off with Jack Stoneman warming up the bar room with his disco magic as people began to trickle in.

Balsa then took the reins as he continued to lay down the sweet and funky vibes. The room of course was drenched top-to-toe in Don’t Walk, Boogie’s multi-coloured décor. Among the colourful drapes and fairy lights, there were of course their signature vinyl that hung from the ceiling above.

From 11pm the queues were Continue reading “Pangaea Disco Easter Boogie 2017”

Nan Ye Li Kan – Mac Gregor [Ivory Coast]

The countdown has well and truly begun: FIVE days to go until we hit Brixton Jamm for our Easter Boogie! Here’s an afro-disco banger all the way from Ivory Coast to get you warmed up…

Nan Ye Li Kan was released in 1981 off Mac Gregor’s LP, In Abidjan. Get ready for an explosion of ice cold vocals from Miss swaggy-waggy Mac Gregor over some crazy-tight drum work, catchy melodies and some five-star bass guitar riffin’. Daym!


Kool & the Gang – Fresh (Rayko Dragon Soul Edit) [U.S./Spain]

Excited is an understatement right now. The man of the motherfunking moment is our Spanish disco wizard, Rayko! We’re feeling blessed to have this hombre grace our decks on 15th April for a 1.5-hour set. When it comes to disco edits, there’s absolutely no stopping this guy. He even started his own label, Rare Wiri, in 2008 and his tunes are spicily influenced by 70’s and 80’s disco, elecrofunk and rock.

Check out his funkalicious edit of Fresh by Kool & Gang. He holds onto the iconic vocals and melodies, while fattening up the drums and sprinkling the track with his signature spacey disco magic. If you can’t groove to this, then there’s definitely something wrong with you.

We’re itching to se what he’s got in store for us. Hold tight!

Mim Suleiman – Mwaitoma [Tanzania]

This time we’re exploring some house bangers with that Pangaea Disco sound as we lead up to Mak and Pasteman’s vinyl set for us on the the 15th of April.

Tanzanian singer Mim Suleiman came together with 90s house originator Maurice Fulton for her latest album, Adera Dera. It’s a phenomenal exploration into the crossing of traditional African sounds and raw underground house.

The stand out track for us is Mwaitoma with its infectious opening chant that draws you in like the sultry sirens of yore off the ancient coasts of Pangaea. It is eerily spacious and airy, until Fulton’s production hits us with the punchiest of drum machine sounds and a flurry of hi-hats coming at you faster than Manny Pacquiao on a disco biscuit. What an emphatic marriage of continental sounds this tune is.


2nd tier tickets flying out:

Patti Boulaye – You Stepped into My Life (Chicky Boom Edit) [Nigeria/France]

“Chicky BOOM!” Go on just shout it out loud, you know you want to!

We’re clearly just a smidge bit excited about l’homme français Chicky Boom who’s only gone and cooked up a club-ready disco delight of Patti Boulaye’s cover of ‘You Stepped into My Life’, originally produced by the Bee Gees. Prepare yourself for Patti’s silky smooth vocals, they’ll cast their spell and soulfully wash over you.

Word of warning: that guitar though, wowzers it bites like a snake! Once it gets its grip, it won’t let go, and you’re going to be addicted for days. You’ve been warned. Not only that, the reverb on the claps and snares are so damn tight.

On a serious note, we’ve really got to hand it to Patti. Not only does she have one hell of a voice, she’s the founder of the fantastic charity, Support For Africa. The charity aims to raise awareness about the horrific effects AIDS is having on so many Sub-Saharan Africans and to raise funds to provide medical care for the victims. The charity has built five clinics in rural Africa and built a school in Lesotho with HRH Prince Harry’s Charity. Big up!

Don’t forget to cop yourself the free download too!

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N’teri – Nahawa Doumbia [Mali]

If you don’t know Nahawa Doumbia, then get to know Nahawa Doumbia. She’s by far one of the most popular singers from the Wassoulou region of Southern Mali. Like a mother to the continent, her soulful lyrics have been known to echo love and tenderness to the younger generation across Africa.
N’teri is the second tune off Nahawa’s 2011 album, Kabako. Enjoy her soothing voice as it crisply soars over the traditional African percussion, supported by the comforting backing vocals. This one’s definitely worthy of a set opener. Go on Nahawa do your thing – lay down the vibes!

Tickets to our Easter Saturday event:

Dionisio Maio – Corpim Sabe (Alma Negra Edit) [Portugal/Switzerland]

Seems like the Sofrito fam can do no wrong here. This is your Friday afternoon party starter. Drawing influence from across the Portuguese and African heritage of Cape Verde, Dionisio Maio takes on a Salsa journey with a twist. This Alma Negra edit made it onto this 2013 re-release of an early eighties classic. The bassline takes centre stage, sprinkled with piano and spanish guitar that’s enough to get anyone dancing, transporting you into another world. Listen out for the classic 80’s synth solo around the 3 minute mark.

Happy Friday people. Enjoy.

Symbol 8 – I Thought You Wanted to Dance (Full Length Midtown Mix) [US]

Pangaea Disco is all about showcasing the funkiest cuts from all over the world, and that includes any unknown gems from the home of disco: YOU ESS AY. It never got to see the light of day when it was first recorded back in the 70s but is one of the best tracks we’ve heard in the past year. The chorus is infectiously catchy with some awesome trumpet stabs accompanied by a boogie belter of a bass line. This is as good as Friday-night-on-the-dancefloor-and-finger-pointing-at-strangers music gets.

Hülya Süer – Şeker Oğlan (Kozmonotosman Rework) [Turkey]

Check, check, one two, check, check…no need to check check anything just hit play, you’re going to be blown away!

This is Kozmonotosman’s chunked up, bass-driven, disco rework of Hülya Süer’s Turkish folk delight, Şeker Oğlan. Hold tight while the contrasting bassline and bağlama (Turkish guitar) work together like no man’s business to build the track up to Süer’s authentic vocals which fling us back to 1970s Turkey.

“Who the funk is Kozmonotosman?”, you may be asking. Well, the truth is, we don’t really know. But, what we do know, besides being an absolute mouthful to pronounce, is that he’s an underrated Turkish producer, often depicted as an astronaut, who has a real knack for bringing his countries’ folkloric roots back to life through a modernised disco prism.

You de man, Kozmono-thingy!


Check out the original tune here: