Pangaea Disco #005 – Diddy Funk

We caught up with Diddy Funk, aka Tedo Lacey to talk about…you guessed it…Disco. Having been romping around England stacking up some high profile slots on the festival circuit, he’s brought us a mix of some of his favourite party starters.

PD: How did you get into DJing?

DF: It was a long time ago back in the first year of Uni, maybe fulfilling a stereotype there. It was actually on an ironing board B2B-ing with my Bestie. One of those things is still happening.

PD: Running Nights?

DF: I’m no Ringmaster for any nights as of yet, just a bit of a hitchiker. Although Don’t Walk, Boogie are my boys. They know how to throw a serious party with all the trimmings. One Day I shall be rocking that scene.

PD: Favourite Artist at the moment?

DF: It’ll always be Bonobo, his producing is on fire. Only artist whos musical powers are enough to get the tears rolling. Also met O’flynn at a festival recently, decent bloke, great musicianship and has plenty of tricks up his sleeve. There’s two for you, double for your money.

PD: Most beloved vinyl?

DF: There’s this pearly minimalist number that’s a bit of a guilty pleasure. It’s on the Planet Sundae Label, Opal Sunn. Beautiful stuff there.

PD: Best Remix or Edit?

DF: A little one I’ve been playing out and Loving at the Moment is Atwer Aroba – Daser Edit. Its an edit of the legend Ebo Taylors – Atwer Abroba. Reletively unknown producer, bit of a golden nugget I found when deep in the Soundcloud rabbit hole. Unknown producer, but can expect big things from him soon.

PD: Perfect Set?

DF: Tough Question, I guess its impossible to say, as the real perfect set has to take me back, hitting me with something completely new and creative with no limitations or boundaries that I haven’t heard before. But if I were to guess, then It will have to be across all genres starting out with some atmospheric melodic world influences and gradually getting deeper until you find yourself loose limbed to some top end disco. There of course has to be a live element to showcase a true performance.
The planets have to align, as the perfect set has to be the ideal backdrop with each of your comrades being on absolute form. Once ina lifetime stuff.

PD: Cheers man! I’m sure we’ll see you on a PD line up soon…