Anno’s Africa

After two successful nights of funkadelic revelry at Brixton Jamm, we decided it was time to take Pangaea Disco on a new journey this summer, and will be holding the next installment at Bianca Road Brewery in Peckham on the 7th July, with all profits going in aid of the charity Anno’s Africa.

Anno’s Africa’s remit is to bring underprivileged children in Sub Saharan Africa opportunities that are normally beyond the hopes and dreams of most children growing up in some of the poorest slums of the world. The programme currently offers an alternative arts education to over 1,700 children across Africa, with classes in art, creative writing, dance, drama, music and circus skills. The excitement and confidence that the workshops bring to the children as they discover their talents helps to promote a new found self esteem that will help them on their path to adulthood.

Pangaea Disco aims to bring the people of London the finest and funkiest tunes from around the world, and that being the case, naturally features a lot of Afrobeat, Highlife and African Disco stemming from the West African dance floors of the seventies. 

It made sense for Pangaea Disco to give back to the cultures it celebrates and draws on, and in Anno’s Africa we found what we hope will be a  terrific means to do so. By inspiring children to get in touch with their artistic side who might never have had the chance otherwise, the charity gives them the chance to discover and pursue their talents. Some may even find careers in the arts and follow in the footsteps of legends and pioneers the likes of Fela Kuti and Tony Allen. With the opportunities Anno’s Africa gives them and the amount of undiscovered talent waiting to blossom, who knows, one day it might be their music lighting up the dance floors of Brixton…

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