Pangaea Disco Easter Boogie 2017

Who’s still got withdrawal symptoms from the Pangaea Disco Easter Boogie?

Here’s a little throwback from the party last month at Brixton Jamm so you can relive the funk-filled madness:

So the night kicked off with Jack Stoneman warming up the bar room with his disco magic as people began to trickle in.

Balsa then took the reins as he continued to lay down the sweet and funky vibes. The room of course was drenched top-to-toe in Don’t Walk, Boogie’s multi-coloured décor. Among the colourful drapes and fairy lights, there were of course their signature vinyl that hung from the ceiling above.

From 11pm the queues were building outside, the terrace was bustling and the disco den started to fill as Ocsid Werks began to build up the energy.

Meanwhile, Pablo Eskebab and Meat Tong from the Meatz and Beatz cartel were kicking off the main room decked out with African fabrics, inflatable flamingos, parrots and palm trees galore. Cheeky.

After knocking back the first of many tequilas with the Spanish disco don Rayko, he took to the stage with a shit-hot mix of nu-disco and chunked up disco edits that got people friggidy flying for a solid hour and a half. Big ups to the bloke having a dance off with our inflatable alligator!

While Haime and Odd & Topick continued to bring absolute fire next door, people were making clever use of the vinyl. Tidy.

Mak & Pasteman, the dynamite duo hailing from Leeds, following on nicely from Rayko, tore up the main room until 3am. They spun a massive collection of old skool wax that got the whole room bouncing.

Next door we went b2b2b2b for a Pangaea Disco crew special from 2am-3am. We mixed it up with some classic disco bangers as well as some of our signature world disco stompers.

Doctor Doctor shut down the disco den with an unsurprisingly ridiculous set, while Late Night Disco had last reign on the controls in the the main room, taking care of the beer-drenched ravers until close.

Thank you, you beautiful-messy people for coming down. You really made it!

Oh and guess what. What? Mak and Pasteman and Rayko hit it off and met up to record a naughty mix for Rinse FM!

Check it out here:


Peace and love,

The Pangaea Disco team x

All photo credit goes to Fraser Moon Photography.