Kool & the Gang – Fresh (Rayko Dragon Soul Edit) [U.S./Spain]

Excited is an understatement right now. The man of the motherfunking moment is our Spanish disco wizard, Rayko! We’re feeling blessed to have this hombre grace our decks on 15th April for a 1.5-hour set. When it comes to disco edits, there’s absolutely no stopping this guy. He even started his own label, Rare Wiri, in 2008 and his tunes are spicily influenced by 70’s and 80’s disco, elecrofunk and rock.

Check out his funkalicious edit of Fresh by Kool & Gang. He holds onto the iconic vocals and melodies, while fattening up the drums and sprinkling the track with his signature spacey disco magic. If you can’t groove to this, then there’s definitely something wrong with you.

We’re itching to se what he’s got in store for us. Hold tight!