Mim Suleiman – Mwaitoma [Tanzania]

This time we’re exploring some house bangers with that Pangaea Disco sound as we lead up to Mak and Pasteman’s vinyl set for us on the the 15th of April.

Tanzanian singer Mim Suleiman came together with 90s house originator Maurice Fulton for her latest album, Adera Dera. It’s a phenomenal exploration into the crossing of traditional African sounds and raw underground house.

The stand out track for us is Mwaitoma with its infectious opening chant that draws you in like the sultry sirens of yore off the ancient coasts of Pangaea. It is eerily spacious and airy, until Fulton’s production hits us with the punchiest of drum machine sounds and a flurry of hi-hats coming at you faster than Manny Pacquiao on a disco biscuit. What an emphatic marriage of continental sounds this tune is.


2nd tier tickets flying out: http://bit.ly/2lJu7hf