Patti Boulaye – You Stepped into My Life (Chicky Boom Edit) [Nigeria/France]

“Chicky BOOM!” Go on just shout it out loud, you know you want to!

We’re clearly just a smidge bit excited about l’homme français Chicky Boom who’s only gone and cooked up a club-ready disco delight of Patti Boulaye’s cover of ‘You Stepped into My Life’, originally produced by the Bee Gees. Prepare yourself for Patti’s silky smooth vocals, they’ll cast their spell and soulfully wash over you.

Word of warning: that guitar though, wowzers it bites like a snake! Once it gets its grip, it won’t let go, and you’re going to be addicted for days. You’ve been warned. Not only that, the reverb on the claps and snares are so damn tight.

On a serious note, we’ve really got to hand it to Patti. Not only does she have one hell of a voice, she’s the founder of the fantastic charity, Support For Africa. The charity aims to raise awareness about the horrific effects AIDS is having on so many Sub-Saharan Africans and to raise funds to provide medical care for the victims. The charity has built five clinics in rural Africa and built a school in Lesotho with HRH Prince Harry’s Charity. Big up!

Don’t forget to cop yourself the free download too!

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