Hülya Süer – Şeker Oğlan (Kozmonotosman Rework) [Turkey]

Check, check, one two, check, check…no need to check check anything just hit play, you’re going to be blown away!

This is Kozmonotosman’s chunked up, bass-driven, disco rework of Hülya Süer’s Turkish folk delight, Şeker Oğlan. Hold tight while the contrasting bassline and bağlama (Turkish guitar) work together like no man’s business to build the track up to Süer’s authentic vocals which fling us back to 1970s Turkey.

“Who the funk is Kozmonotosman?”, you may be asking. Well, the truth is, we don’t really know. But, what we do know, besides being an absolute mouthful to pronounce, is that he’s an underrated Turkish producer, often depicted as an astronaut, who has a real knack for bringing his countries’ folkloric roots back to life through a modernised disco prism.

You de man, Kozmono-thingy!


Check out the original tune here: